10 Ideas for Naming Your Game

The name of the game is essential to its continued success. It should be easy to read and unique. The player should memorize it for the first time. Game industry experts explained what factors you should consider when you select a name for a video game. Consequently, find below the top 10 ideas on how to name your game in the best way.

Use a maximum of three words

Try to use from one to three words maximum for naming your new game. Names of three words have a special magic. Try to avoid abbreviations. If you want to use one word in the title, make sure it is capacious enough or even invent a new option.

Avoid parasite words

Do not use words such as Game, Fun, Lucky, and so on in the name of a new game. This is an outdated cliché. You can use the word Game only if you need to distinguish your product from others in the same category.

Beware of the twins words

Do not use more than one word in the title that has already been taken by opponents. If there are already multiple Fruit Slots available, look for a proper replacement for one of the words.

Easy-to-read name

When you come up with a name for a new game, imagine that your user's reading level is at the level of a child who has just learned to read. If a person cannot read the name of the game the first time, he/she will start looking for a game with a clear name.

Use a catching word

Draw the user's attention to the catchy word. It must be a fairly rare word that is not often heard in everyday life. For example, monster, freak, marzipan, etc. Seeing an unfamiliar word in the title, the player can immediately show interest in the game.

Use words starting with letters A, B, or C

In the name of the game, use words that begin with the mentioned letters. If a user searches for a game in the games catalog, your game will be one of the first.

Come up with a new word

Think of a new word by combining two old ones. Gamers will quickly remember a new word. For example, Tetromino + Tennis = Tetris.

The magic of three words

King of Thieves, Call of Duty, Age of Sparta, Medal of Honor, Heroes of Atlan, etc. All these games are in the Google trends. Three-word names are beneficial in terms of optimization.

The name of the game in the form of instructions

Many creators name their games as instructions. Therefore, the user will immediately understand what needs to be done in the game. For example, Don't Starve, Cut the Rope, or Build a House.

Use the main character in the game title

You can use the name of the main character in the title. It will help a gamer to guess what a game will be like. For example, Great Ninja Village, Super Dancing Girl, etc.

Now, you have top ideas on how to name your new video game. The mentioned tips are often used to name the most popular games of the epoch. If you use at least several tips, your game will have an easy-to-remember title. So, name your game and develop it successfully!