How to Develop Your Own Video Game: 10 Pieces of Advice

The most prominent and reputable gaming developers use various technologies for creating the trendiest video games. A perfect game idea is not enough. Our experts have collected the best recommendations from developers of video games to help you create your one.

10 pieces of advice on how to develop your own video game

Experienced developers can give dozens of recommendations on how to make a perfect video game. Creating even a simple game by yourself is called indie development. We have collected 10 pieces of advice for those who wish to create their own game and don't know where to start.

Study the theory carefully.

It is impossible to create your video game without knowing the basics of programming, the principles of building game locations, and so on. Therefore, you need to study game development theory.

Pay special attention to the game plot.

You should concentrate on the game plot and an interesting presentation. This is what is especially appreciated by fans of indie games. Your product must hook the consumer. Never release a completely raw game with a bunch of bugs.

Use free game engines.

The creation of new games is largely facilitated by game engines. They perform most of the work for the developer himself. Unity is the most popular one. You can use this engine for free and develop 2D and 3D games based on various platforms.

Ask others for help.

It is very difficult to be a designer and scriptwriter in one person. It is better to delegate tasks. You can find like-minded people on niche forums or social media.


Self-educate regularly. You can spend all your free time studying the gaming industry, getting new technical skills, and examining tools and programs.

Get technical documentation.

You should draw up a development plan with all aspects of the project and the stages of its implementation. You need to keep a record of the work done and all changes in the project.

Test your game.

If it seems to you that your project will be of interest to players, it does not mean that it will be so. Therefore, it is important to receive feedback from gamers.

Use crowdfunding.

Be prepared to spend your time, money, and effort on a project that may not bring income. If you understand how much funds you lack, use crowdfunding platforms such as IndieGoGo.

Don't pay attention to expensive game projects.

Many indie developers strive to achieve the standards that are set by cutting-edge projects in the gaming industry. This approach is fundamentally wrong. Instead, you should focus on creating your own unique game.

Make a quality presentation of the game.

You must carefully consider how you will present the game to the audience. Create a quality trailer and a viral advertising campaign.

Now, it is high time for you to develop your own video game. You have ten recommendations from experienced developers on how to create the video game of your dreams. So, don’t waste your time and start developing your gaming product right now.