7 Most Popular Types of Video Games

As of 2022, video games have become the trendiest type of entertainment on the planet. More than 200 million gamers daily play various types of video gaming products. Our experts have analyzed the market. And we selected the most popular sorts of video games. Please, get the details below.

Most played types of video games

Each gamer will name his/her rating of video game types. The reason is plenty available platforms today. For example, without a joystick, one will hardly play a football simulator. Therefore, sports games are extremely widespread on consoles. The good news is that everyone can choose their favorite video game from the 7 most popular types.


Platformers got their name from the fact that during the game, its main character interacts with the platforms. He usually runs, jumps, or falls. There are a lot of different Platformers. The most famous video games of this type are Super Meat Boy, Spelunky 2, Dead Cells, etc.


Shooters allow players to use weapons to destroy enemies or opposing players. Shooters are divided according to the player's viewpoint. In a first-person shooter, you look at the game through main character’s eyes. The most popular ones are Half-Life, Call of Duty, and Halo.

Fighting games

The most popular titles in this type of video game are Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II. The action is focused on fighting in the form of martial arts. In fighting games, you have a large set of playable characters, each one specializing in a unique fighting style.

Stealth games

The player will need cunning and precision to cope with the challenges of stealth games. While combat and other activities can help you achieve your goal, sneakiness is generally encouraged in this type of video game. The most popular types are Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, and Hitman 3.

Survival games

This genre of video games has gained considerable popularity recently. Resident Evil was one of the first representatives of this genre. In modern survival games, players can get resources for survival as long as possible. The most popular games are the State Of Decay, Don't Starve, and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Action-adventure games

Action-adventure games combine two game mechanics. These are quests that need to be completed and overcome using the collected items or tools. And games with action elements where you need to use various weapons and equipment. The most popular games of this type are God of War, Red Dead Redemption II, and Spider-Man.

Rhythm games

These are music-based games where you have to keep up with the rhythm of a melody by pressing the appropriate buttons on the controller at exactly the right time to score points. The trendiest games are Guitar Hero, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Now, you have the list of the most popular types of video gaming products. You can select one depending on specific preferences. Until you try all of them, you will not be able to understand which one suits you most. You can share this post on your social networks and ask your friends` opinions on their beloved types of video games.